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Breaking News: 100% free medicine for citizens In Punjab

100 free medicine for citizens: Here is one of the latest Updates for all the viewers and residents of Punjab, in the recent meeting called by Maryam Nawaz, many big decisions have been made and multiple future initiatives have been announced for the betterment of Punjab residents’ health.

In the recent meeting called by Chief Minister, Maryam Nawaz, multiple health reforms have been announced for the citizens of Punjab and she strictly instructed the workers to speed up the process for modifying health centers which have been established for public purposes.

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مزید برآں، 717 ہیلتھ نیوٹریشن سپروائزرز کو تربیت دی جائے گی، اور ماہرین امراض اطفال، امراض قلب، اور اینستھیزیولوجسٹ کے ہفتہ وار دورے دیہی اسپتالوں میں کیے جائیں گے۔ پیتھالوجی اور سی ٹی اسکین آؤٹ سورسنگ بھی تجویز کی گئی۔ مریم نے ہسپتالوں کے لیے خصوصی انسانی وسائل کی ضرورت پر زور دیا اور صحت کی دیکھ بھال کی خدمات کو براہ راست مریضوں کے گھروں تک پہنچانے کے حق میں دلیل دی۔

Maryam Nawaz Announces 100 Free Medicine For Citizens

The chief minister, presiding over a meeting on health sector changes, mandated that health center construction and repairs be finished by March of this year. Punjab’s Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has reiterated her commitment to ensuring that every resident has access to healthcare.

In this meeting, Maryam Nawaz took strict notice of multiple things and ordered the management to provide 100% Free medicines to the people of Punjab in Health Centers as they are established for the sake of Punjab citizens.

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100 free medicine for citizens

100 free medicine for citizens

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Maryam Nawaz Strict Notice On Money Deduction By Hospital Guards 

In the Meeting Maryam Nawaz took very strict Notice of complaints received from the common citizens of Punjab against the guards of Hospitals, in their complaint they said that the hospital’s guards deduct their money therefore it should be stopped now.

200 Primary Health Centers To Be Completed By March 

During her health reform meeting, Maryam Nawaz Announces to speed up the work of establishing 200 Health Centers In Punjab and making it available to the local people of Punjab so that medical services can reach them at their doorsteps.

During the conference, it was declared that 200 basic health centers in Punjab would provide 24-hour services by March.

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100 free medicine for citizens In Punajb Medical Centers

پنجاب کے تمام ناظرین اور رہائشیوں کے لیے یہ ایک تازہ ترین اپ ڈیٹ ہے، مریم نواز کی جانب سے بلائی گئی حالیہ میٹنگ میں کئی بڑے فیصلے کیے گئے ہیں اور پنجاب کے رہائشیوں کی صحت کی بہتری کے لیے مستقبل کے متعدد اقدامات کا اعلان کیا گیا ہے۔

وزیر اعلیٰ مریم نواز کی جانب سے بلائے گئے حالیہ اجلاس میں پنجاب کے شہریوں کے لیے متعدد صحت سے متعلق اصلاحات کا اعلان کیا گیا ہے اور انہوں نے کارکنوں کو سختی سے ہدایت کی کہ وہ عوامی مقاصد کے لیے قائم کیے گئے مراکز صحت میں تبدیلی کے عمل کو تیز کریں۔

Activation Of RHCs Into Hospitals And Multiple Health Services By Maryam Nawaz

Their decisions included training programs for public health technicians, female health visitors, and other staff members, as well as the activation of certain rural health centers (RHCs) as hospitals and biennial third-party audits in the health department.

Furthermore, 717 health nutrition supervisors would be trained, and weekly visits by specialists such as pediatricians, cardiologists, and anesthesiologists would be made to rural hospitals. Pathology and CT scan outsourcing were also proposed. Maryam emphasized the necessity for hospitals to have specialized human resources and argued in favor of delivering healthcare services straight to patients’ homes.

In addition, she emphasized the significance of implementing laparoscopic procedures in public hospitals and tackling governance concerns that have impacted every industry, including healthcare, in the last four years.


The Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, has unveiled a transformative series of health reforms aimed at ensuring comprehensive healthcare for all citizens. By mandating the completion of 200 primary health centers by March and providing 100% free medicines, the CM demonstrates her unwavering commitment to public health.

Additionally, her strict measures against malpractice and initiatives to enhance healthcare accessibility underscore a profound dedication to improving the lives of Punjab’s residents. This visionary approach promises a healthier future for all, reinforcing Punjab’s commitment to high-quality, accessible healthcare.

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