7000 for Pregnant Women
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7000 for Pregnant Women Through Nashonuma Program Update 2024

7000 for Pregnant Women: The Nashonuma program was launched by the Government of Pakistan. The program is for pregnant women and their nine-month-old babies. If you join this program, you can get seven thousand rupees after your registration. Government of Pakistan has increased this amount due to inflation. Thus, separate money is ensured for the birth of a boy and a girl.

In this program Rs. For the birth of a boy Rs. 4000 and Rs. 3000 is provided to provide good financial assistance to poor and deserving parents who are unable to raise their children properly to protect them from diseases arising while meeting their basic needs. The development program provides financial assistance to the poor who meet the eligibility criteria, so it is considered necessary that ineligible women in the program update their information while eligible women. By arranging your information, you can earn thousands of rupees

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7000 for Pregnant Women Through Nashonuma Program

The Government of Pakistan has started this program for women who are pregnant and cannot raise their children properly; Pregnant women can join the program and get assistance of Rs.7000 so that they can get good food for their unborn children, the government of Pakistan has set up a hospital so that any pregnant women can be checked when they go to collect the money. . After investigation it can be said whether he is eligible to get the money or not

If you want to register your children then want to get money details after registration of children. So you can easily join this program for any further information and details. You can visit our website and see if you are included in the program. Government of Pakistan has started this program for new born babies and pregnant women and Rs. 7 thousand will be given through this program

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Eligible Women in Nashonuma Program

Eligible women will be financially assisted to enroll in the program while women disqualified from the program can re-enroll till their information is updated. So, they can get help easily, women whose monthly income is more than 60 thousand rupees cannot get it, they will be included in this program and will be given 7 thousand rupees per month for women whose family poverty score is more than 40 percent. Children under two years of age can join this program to get financial support and take care of their children.

It is very easy to get financial assistance by joining this program for child care The Benazir program was created to provide assistance to male and female parents who want to raise their children.

Important Documents for Registration

Women who wish to register for the Benazir Nashonuma program can access the necessary details before registering for the program if they have access to the necessary test details. You get to know which steps to follow for your registration So you don’t face any problems in registering, and you can register at home You can get financial support every month from the Benazir Nashonuma program. If you need more details, you can visit our website and see if you are included in the program.

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  • Child Immunization Card
  • Registration Information
  • Gas bill
  • Copy of updated information
  • Identity card issued by NADRA
  • Electricity bill

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7000 for Pregnant Women


If you want to enroll in Benazir Nashonuma program then the purpose of this article is to tell you how to enroll in Nashonuma program. If you want to receive financial assistance every month after registration, this information is for you. You can register at your home. Women who have children or are pregnant can also join this program and get financial assistance of 7 thousand rupees per month.

You will receive this assistance when you show signs of enrollment. You can go to your nearest THQ hospital or district level hospital to get financial assistance by providing your registration information and get financial assistance every month. The program is designed so that women who are pregnant can be checked every month and then given the food and financial assistance they deserve. For more information and details you can read the article on our website carefully

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