800000 Students Get E-bikes
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800,000 Students Get E-bikes Through Motorcycle Scheme

800000 Students Get E-bikes: In a significant development, Bilal Akbar Khan, Punjab’s Minister for Transport, announced exciting new details about the Punjab Bike Scheme. This initiative aims to provide e-bikes to 800,000 students across the province.

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800000 Students Get E-bikes Through Motorcycle Scheme

At a press conference in Lahore, Minister Bilal Akbar Khan shared that around eight lakh students have shown strong interest in the scheme by applying for the e-bikes. This initiative aligns with the Chief Minister’s vision to support underprivileged students and improve their mobility.

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Aspect Details
Target Beneficiaries 800,000 students
Applications Received Around 8 lakh students
Focus Area Empowering women, promoting sustainability
Infrastructure Upgrades All bike stations in Lahore
Economic Impact Job creation, women empowerment

E-bikes Through Motorcycle Scheme

Minister Khan hoped that e-bikes would have a positive impact, especially for women students. By encouraging the use of e-bikes, the scheme aims to empower women and contribute to economic development. The convenience and accessibility of e-bikes can help students navigate roads more easily and safely.

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The minister also mentioned the ongoing upgrades at all stations in Lahore to ensure a smooth experience for users of the Punjab Bike Scheme. This reflects the government’s commitment to promoting sustainable transport and improving accessibility for students and the wider public.

800000 Students Get E-bikes

How many students will receive e-bikes through this scheme?

The scheme aims to distribute e-bikes to 800,000 students.

8171 Ehsaas Program 2024 Registration Method & Eligibility Criteria:


The Punjab Bike Scheme is a transformative initiative aimed at providing 800,000 students with e-bikes, promoting sustainable transportation, and empowering women. With significant interest from students and ongoing infrastructure upgrades, this scheme is set to make a positive impact on the province’s transportation landscape and economic growth.

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