8070 web portal New Update
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8070 web portal New Update 2024

8070 web portal New Update: The Pakistani government reopened 8070 gateways around the country. The Pakistani government built this free 8070 portal for the benefit of the poor. As a result, these poor folks can transport 10kg of white flour from their home. The Pakistani government is establishing new eligibility requirements to allow eligible persons to verify their status.

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The Pakistani government began this contribution system during the holy month of Ramadan. The goal of the Pakistani government’s initiative is to supply free flour to the country’s underprivileged population in order for them to overcome the country’s harsh conditions. Register for this program and receive it for free.

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How to apply online using the 8070 web portal?

Poor people can apply online for free enrollment in the 8070 Program. In addition, you can check your eligibility online using a cheap, simple, and free package. This free plan requires a CNIC number. You should also bring your registered mobile phone with you.

8070 web portal New Update

You need to send a message to 8070. Then, by responding to the text message sent to 8070 within 24 hours, you will receive all the information regarding your eligibility and registration and receive ATTA for free. This Atta project will be valid until the end of the day during the month of Ramadan. You can easily enroll in the ATTA Program. The Pakistani government launched a website to register the poor in Atta’s work.

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria for Free Atta Scheme is.

  • Salary less than 25000.
  • Proportion of poor is less than 25%.
  • All poor widow?
  • Poor families who do not work for foreign state.
  • Poor families who cannot travel abroad.
  • Persons without a CNIC number.

Required Documents in 2024

When registering at the Benazir Income Support Program Office, please bring the following documents with you for registration.

  • Your child’s birth certificate.
  • Get your own CNIC, like a National Identity Card.
  • Your home electricity and gas bill.
  • Original disability card proof for your home and address.

Ehsaas Rashan Program CNIC Check Online New Method 2024

Helpline Number

If the impoverished have any problems with the Donation Scheme, they can contact the helpdesk at 8070. The government of Pakistan set up a helpline at 0800-0234. You can file several complaints with the Pakistani government about this number. So the Pakistani government can take action against the culprits. You can get your rights.

8070 web portal New Update

8070 web portal New Update


Many people struggle to recognize qualities due to the minimal language. As a result, the Pakistani government has implemented an eligibility verification system via SMS, allowing citizens to readily check their eligibility. To apply for the Pakistani government’s online free DATA program for the poor, you must have a CNS number. First, enter your CNIC number into your mobile phone and send an SMS to 8070.

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