Aid from the Aghosh Program
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Great News Who Will Be Able to Get the Aid from the Aghosh Program April 2024

Aid from the Aghosh Program: Who will be able to get aid from the Aghosh Program has been decided by recent government. Total budget of Aghosh Program, How to apply for Aghosh Program and its eligibility criteria is explained in this article step by step. So, read it carefully and be ready to get payment.

Aid from the Aghosh Program

In an effort to assist those in need, the Pakistani government has launched a number of applications aimed at measuring the quality of life of its citizens and enforcing steps to improve their living conditions. Among these programs is the Aghosh program, previously known as the Ehsaas program, which aims to provide financial assistance to eligible persons. This article discusses the Aid from the Aghosh program eligibility requirements, most recent revisions, and registration process.

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Eligibility Criteria for the Aghosh Program

The Agosh app targets people facing financial difficulties, with a particular focus on pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. To receive assistance from the program, people must meet certain requirements. Poor pregnant women and nursing mothers with children under two years of age receive a stipend of Rs. 23,000 each. The software recognizes the importance of the first thousand days in a child’s life and therefore hopes to help mothers at some point during this important period. For Akhuwat Loan Scheme read…

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Budget for Aghosh Program

Recently, the government took a significant step to strengthen the Aghosh application by increasing funds. The allocation for the Ehsaas Aghosh Program has been increased from Rs. 17,000 to Rs. 23,000, demonstrating the government’s commitment to assisting vulnerable females across Pakistan. This expansion aims to extend financial assistance to more worthy persons, thereby alleviating economic burdens and promoting greater financial security within communities.Aid from the Aghosh Program

Procedure to be Registered in Aghosh Program

Registering for the Aghosh app is a simple process that demands careful attention to detail. Participants are advised to travel to their nearest district facilities and complete the registration process under the supervision of Lady Health Visitors. To ensure the simple disbursement of financial help, essential records such as the participant’s CNIC and active mobile phone number must be provided. In the event of any problems or delays, contributors can seek assistance by calling the program’s helpdesk at 1221 for immediate resolution.


The Aid from the Aghosh application serves as a light of hope for financially strapped Pakistani families, providing much-needed assistance during difficult times. It represents the government’s commitment to reducing poverty and improving the well-being of its citizens by providing monthly financial assistance to qualified persons. The software aims to build a better future for future generations by focusing on the fitness and well-being of expecting mothers and young children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are eligible for Aghosh Program?

Ehsaas Aghosh Application is for deserving, eligible and pregnant mothers.

How much did the authorities collect for the Agosh program?

In the last update, authorities have increased the amount of Ehsaas Aghosh Scheme by several times from Rs. 17,000 Rupees 23,000.

As stated in the article, what is the cost of the first thousand days of a child’s life?

The lifestyle of a child in the first thousand days of his life is normal and forms the basis of his future happy life. Agosh software recognizes sizes and functions and provides guidance to mothers at certain stages during this period.

How can one decide on the easiest way to enroll in the Agosh program?

Participants are advised to provide correct information including CNIC and active mobile number during registration. Visiting nearby facilities and practices to find women’s health care providers can speed up the enrollment process.

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