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Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 Online Apply | Akhuwat Loan Form Download

Akhuwat loan scheme: 2024 for Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar program: obtain a non-profit loan / online registration 2024. The government has announced the Mera Pakistan Mere Ghar scheme until 2024.

Akhuwat Laon,s main vision is to eliminate poverty in Pakistan. He is working hard for this purpose for giving Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 to low-income people.

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Akhuwat Loan 2024 Online Apply With Simple Steps

Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 Online Apply: how much loan can you receive if you want to build a house in 5 marlas, how many monthly payments are required, how long can you take out a loan, and what are the loan terms? Read this article to the conclusion.

Download the application form and fill out the application form explaining the details of the Akhuwat Loan. Apply online. State the purpose of the loan, if you want to build a house or open a business, you need goods and send it to the AIM office near your home.

Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 Online Apply

The manager will review your loan application, discuss any additional information that may be required, and review all documents required for loan approval.

Lending methodology

  • AIM™ lending policies include interest-free loans or Qard-e-Hassan loans from group lenders.
  • By Individual.
  • But the decision on the loan method depends on the specific requirements of the loan product and the project.

Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 Online Apply

Group lending

Group lending includes providing Qard-e-Hassan loans to groups of men and women who wish to enhance their family income but are unable to do so owing to a lack of funds. In the methodology of group lending, groups of 3 to 6 individuals will be formed, with all members of the group guaranteeing each other’s loans and powers.

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Group lending enables participants to solve social and economic issues via mutual understanding and decision-making. Before applying for a loan, the applicant must organize a group of 3-6 people who live close together but are not related.

Personal lending

Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 includes Qard-e-Hassan loans to individuals through personal loans. Loans are given to private individuals who meet the necessary criteria of the program, making it easier for them to meet their needs through interest-free loans.

In case of a personal loan, two guarantors will be provided by the applicant in order to receive the loan interest-free.

Application Submission – Akhuwat loan apply online

An application will be required before you may apply for an akhuwat loan online. Application fees may vary by scheme. The division manager will then compare the application to the eligibility requirements. As a result, these loans will be granted through social security. When applying, please follow the processes outlined below.

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  • Applicants can apply for a loan by going to the nearest AIM center with their relevant documents (mentioned below).
  • The chamber manager will discuss with the applicant whether the applicant meets the eligibility requirements.
  • Candidates apply for the loans on the list. Loan applications will be made and processed by AIM branch staff.
  • The administrator will check the documents and the application will be processed when the required documents are completed.

Akhuwat loan scheme

Akhuwat Loan Scheme 2024 Online Apply

Here is a summary of properties available for loan:

  • Personal responsibility.
  • Two people are responsible.
  • Postdated Check.
  • Additional security is available for special situations.

Social assessment of Akhuwat loan scheme

Akhuwat Loan Program 2024, through social efforts, aims to verify the identity and eligibility of the applicant by visiting the applicant’s home. Upon receipt of the application the manager will conduct a social assessment through the following process.

  1. Information on current borrowers
  2. Applicant’s lifestyle
  3. Community views of the applicant
  4. Personal interview / family interview.

A thorough assessment of the business plans will be conducted to see whether the prospective borrower’s business idea is viable and can generate adequate income above household expenditures to repay the loan. The business requirement is reviewed during the business evaluation.

Second score

Following an initial assessment, the application will be transferred to the branch’s head, who will re-evaluate the social and business evaluation process and meet with the borrower and guarantors.

Loan guarantors

In the event of individual lending, each applicant will offer two guarantors who will vouch for their authority, accept responsibility for overseeing the borrower, and provide a guarantee to assure the borrower that the loan will be repaid on time. In group lending, members guarantee each other, becoming a formal group.

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Loan Approval Committee (LAC)

Each branch has its own Credit Approval Committee (LAC). The committee is chaired by the Regional Director, and other members of the committee consist of department heads and branch heads.

The committee will examine all credit problems. If the committee approves the application, the loan is formalized and becomes ready for payment. The whole process takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

Request for funds and head office

Once loans have been approved by the Loan Approval Committee (LAC), the regional manager contacts the head office and requests the necessary money. The headquarters takes the necessary steps to transfer monies to the designated bank account for payout.

The local accountant was notified after the monies had been sent to their bank account. The district accountant compiles checks for approved candidates.

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Eligibility Criteria Akhuwat Loan Application Form Online 2024

To provide loans to eligible men the following things are mandatory:

  • The applicant must have original CNIC.
  • The applicant must be in business and must be between 18 and 62 years of age.
  • Applicants must engage in commercial activity.
  • The applicant has not been convicted of any crime.
  • The applicant has a good relationship and good character.
  • The applicant has provided at least 02 guarantors, even if he is a family member.
  • The applicant’s place of residence is within 2 or 2.5 km of the branch must be within the radius.
  • Akhuwat Credit Eligibility Policy Change.

Loan repayment

The payout will take place once a month, and the credits will be distributed at an event often hosted in a mosque or church. Individual financing requires the applicant to be accompanied by one of the guarantors. Group lending requires all group members to be present at the moment of disbursement.

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Here are some important points about repayment:

  • Everyone will come when the loan is repaid. If the borrower is not found, the loan will not be withdrawn and will be cancelled.
  • All borrowers carry the original CNIC with them for repayment.
  • Borrowers will receive a check for loan approval.
  • Approval will be accepted by all debtors.
  • The regional manager will manage the payment.

Social leadership

While we do paid work, we also provide mentorship to community leaders. Debtors’ ability to do their job better and more effectively, especially in accordance with Islamic and ethical principles, will be improved.

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Health programs include:

  • Focus on girls’ education.
  • Services for the entire community.
  • Preventing and improving the environment.
  • Importance of agriculture.
  • Complying with traffic regulations and local laws.
  •  Follow industry best practices.

Recovery and follow-up

After the loan is issued, the unit manager follows up with the customer by paying monthly visits to his home and workplace. Loan repayment must be completed in the branch by the 7th of each month.

If the payment is not received by the tenth, the unit manager visits the customer to remind them, and if the sum is still not paid, the guarantors are contacted and urged to make payment.

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