All Electric Bikes and EV Scooters Price in Pakistan
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All Electric Bikes and EV Scooters Price in Pakistan 2024

All Electric Bikes and EV Scooters Price in Pakistan: Pakistanis are slowly transitioning from petrol to electric vehicles, including EV bikes and scooters, in what is said to be a positive development that will help cut emissions.

Several automakers are offering electric bikes in Pakistan, tapping the growing market for environmentally friendly two-wheelers. Metro offers T9, M6 EMPOWER, and E8S Pro. Road Prince has Zeus XR and E-GO models.

Yadea, and MS Jaguar offer decent lineups including the Nisa and C1 Air, while premium segment includes Vlektra which offers Retro and BOLT.

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Electric Bike Price
Metro T9 Rs260,000
Metro M6 EMPOWER Rs220,000
Metro E8S Pro Rs360,000
Road Prince Zeus XR Rs280,000
Road Prince E-GO Rs260,000
Yadea T5 Rs245,000
MS Jaguar E-70 Rs240,000
Evee Nisa Rs155,000
Evee C1 Air Rs300,000
Vlektra Retro Rs380,000
Vlektra BOLT Rs580,000

Amid the rise in petrol prices, people are attracted to cheap EV bikes. Pakistan Observer presents a list of EV bikes.

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Metro T9

Metro T9 comes with 60V 38Ah battery, 600-watt motor, and can cover around 100Km, making it one of the longest-range options in this range. It also boasts premium construction with a cold-rolled steel frame and TTFAR Graphene Batteries.


Metro M6 EMPOWER is backed by 1200-watt motor, 72V 26Ah battery, and a range of about 100 Km. The third-generation graphene batteries make it standout among others.

Road Prince Zeus XR,

Other notable options include the Road Prince Zeus XR, which features a 72V 1500-watt motor and a range of 60-80 Km/charge, and the Road Prince E-GO, the fastest electric two-wheeler in Pakistan, with a top speed of 100 Km/h and a range of 105 Km/charge.

MS Jaguar E-70

MS Jaguar E-70 can cover 90-100 Km with a 1500-watt BLDC motor in single charge.

Electric Bike Vs Petrol Bike Cost Difference

Bike Type Fuel Efficiency (Km/litre) Cost per Km 
70cc Petrol 53 5.28
125cc Petrol 45 6.22
150cc Petrol 35 8.00
EV 60-90 Km per charge 1.50-2.50

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