Apply for a Kisan Card via Bank of Punjab (BOP) 2024
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Apply for a Kisan Card via Bank of Punjab (BOP) 2024

Apply for a Kisan Card via Bank of Punjab (BOP) 2024: Presenting the Punjab Kisan Card – a distinct advantage for ranchers in Punjab! Made by the Public authority of Punjab, this card is intended to offer without interest advances to five lakh ranchers across the state.

In this article, we’ll walk you through all that you really want to be familiar with the Punjab Kisan Card, from who can apply to how to apply, and the mind blowing benefits it brings.

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Eligibility Criteria for Punjab Kisan Card:

To fit the bill for the Punjab Kisan Card, you should meet specific measures. Right off the bat, you should be no less than 18 years of age. Furthermore, you ought to claim land traversing from 1 to 12 sections of land, which should be enrolled at the Land Record Center.

Your ID should be legitimate in the NADRA record, and you shouldn’t have any current advances from other monetary organizations. Moreover, you should consent to reimburse the sans interest credit inside a six-month time frame.

These prerequisites guarantee that the advantages of the Punjab Kisan Card are available to qualified ranchers who meet the predefined models.

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Apply for a Kisan Card via Bank of Punjab (BOP) 2024

پنجاب کسان کارڈ کے بل میں فٹ ہونے کے لیے، آپ کو مخصوص اقدامات کو پورا کرنا چاہیے۔ بلے سے بالکل، آپ کی عمر 18 سال سے کم نہیں ہونی چاہیے۔ مزید برآں، آپ کو اراضی کے 1 سے 12 حصوں تک زمین کو عبور کرنے کا دعوی کرنا چاہیے، جس کا اندراج لینڈ ریکارڈ سینٹر میں ہونا چاہیے۔ آپ کی شناخت نادرا کے ریکارڈ میں جائز ہونی چاہیے، اور آپ کے پاس دیگر مالیاتی اداروں سے کوئی حالیہ پیش رفت نہیں ہونی چاہیے۔ مزید یہ کہ، آپ کو بغیر سود کے کریڈٹ کو چھ ماہ کی مدت کے اندر ادا کرنے پر رضامندی دینی چاہیے۔ یہ شرائط اس بات کی ضمانت دیتی ہیں کہ پنجاب کسان کارڈ کے فوائد اہل کھیتی باڑی کرنے والوں کے لیے دستیاب ہیں جو پہلے سے طے شدہ ماڈلز پر پورا اترتے ہیں۔

Apply for a Kisan Card via Bank of Punjab

Benefits of Punjab Kisan Card:

  • Every rancher can get up to 1.5 lakh rupees without paying any interest. That resembles getting free cash to assist with cultivating!
  • Uplifting news! On the off chance that you’re qualified, you can request significantly more cash,
  • up to 200,000 rupees. More cash implies more opportunities for your homestead!
  • Thinking about how you can manage the credit? Straightforward! You can utilize it to purchase
  • manures and seeds. In this way, you get the money you want to develop your harvests without agonizing over how to take care of it immediately.
  • With the Punjab Kisan Card, you’re not simply getting a credit, you’re getting some assistance to make your cultivating dreams work out as expected!

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How to apply for a Punjab Kisan Card:

This is the way you can apply for a Punjab Kisan Card:

Stage 1: Set up Your SIM Ensure your SIM card is enrolled under your ID card. It resembles preparing for a unique occasion!

Stage 2: Send SMS Open your telephone’s message area, type your ID card number with no spaces, and send it to 8070. It’s essentially as simple as messaging to a companion!

Stage 3: Application Survey Whenever you’ve sent your SMS, your application will be inspected. Assuming that you’re qualified, you’ll get affirmation through SMS. It resembles getting approval for your persistent effort!

Punjab Kisan Card Online Apply Procedure 2024

Keep in mind, it’s the early bird gets the worm, so apply straightaway to get your place. The application meeting began on June fourth, so don’t pass up a major opportunity!

Applying for a Punjab Kisan Card is basic and direct. Anyway, what are you hanging tight for? Get everything rolling today and open the advantages sitting tight for you!

Apply for a Kisan Card via Bank of Punjab (BOP) 2024


How much credit am I eligible for with Kisan Card?

You can get up to 1.5 lakh rupees per rancher, and qualified ranchers can apply for credits up to 200,000 rupees.

How do I apply for the Punjab Kisan Card?

To apply, guarantee your SIM is enrolled under your ID card, then send a SMS with your ID card number (without spaces) to 8070. Your application will be looked into, and if qualified, you’ll get affirmation through SMS.

What happens if I already have a loan from a different bank?

To be qualified for the Punjab Kisan Card, you shouldn’t have existing credits from other monetary foundations.

Assuming you have additional inquiries or need further help, go ahead and connect with the Bank of Punjab or the Division of Agribusiness’ true sites for extra data.


Taking everything into account, the Punjab Kisan Card offers important advantages to ranchers, allowing them admittance to premium free credits for fundamental horticultural necessities. By following the clear application cycle and meeting the qualification rules,

ranchers can take advantage of this beneficial program. Try not to miss this opportunity to expand your cultivating yield. Apply immediately to get the financing you require!

For additional subtleties, you can visit the Bank of Punjab or the Division of Farming’s true sites. Feel free to further and capitalize on what the Punjab Kisan Card brings to the table. Your cultivating venture is standing by!

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