BISP Mobile Van Service for Disabled Person
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Good News: BISP Mobile Van Service for Disabled Person

BISP Mobile Van Service for Disabled Person: The government of Pakistan has introduced a new initiative to support disabled persons through the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). The BISP mobile van service is specifically designed for BISP-registered individuals, ensuring they receive financial assistance even if they are unable to visit a registration center due to disabilities. This article provides comprehensive information about the BISP mobile van service, how to register, and frequently asked questions.

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What is BISP Mobile Van Service?

The BISP mobile van service is a government initiative aimed at facilitating the registration and data collection process for disabled individuals who are unable to visit BISP offices. These vans travel to different areas, conducting door-to-door surveys and registrations, ensuring that no deserving person is left behind.

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Key Features of BISP Mobile Van Service

  • Door-to-Door Registration: The mobile vans visit homes to register disabled individuals who are unable to travel to BISP offices.
  • Survey Facilitation: They conduct surveys to collect necessary information for registration.
  • Accessible Service: Designed to assist those who cannot visit the office due to disabilities.
  • Data Collection: Collects information such as ID card numbers, phone numbers, monthly expenses, job information, and household details.

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BISP Mobile Van Service for Disabled Person

How to Register with BISP Mobile Van Service?

If you are disabled and belong to a poor and deserving family, you can register through the BISP mobile van service. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure you are registered with BISP.
  2. Wait for the Van: If you are unable to visit a BISP office, wait for the mobile van to reach your area.
  3. Prepare Information: Have your ID card number, phone number, monthly expenses, job details, and household information ready.
  4. Complete the Survey: The mobile van team will conduct a survey and collect your details.
  5. Get Registered: After the survey, you will be informed about your registration status.
  6. Collect Financial Assistance: Once registered, visit the nearest cash center to collect your financial aid.

BISP Registration for Disabled Persons and their Families

The Government of Pakistan has started the BISP New Update Mobile Registration Vans for the disabled persons and their families who have not yet completed the Benazir Income Support Program registration process from August 3, 2024. To complete the registration, the candidate is required to have a National Identity Card and a registered phone number.

The government has initiated a registration process through Vans to ease the process of the actual Benazir Income Support Program so that the registration process of these disabled people can be completed.

So that actual poor man can get the benefits through the BISP Program. So that eligible families can verify and complete thier BISP Registration through the mobile vans at home.

How to Work BISP Mobile Van Service for Disabled Person?

To check the Benazir Income Support Program Payment You have to go to the BISP program portal and you have to enter your cnic number and the given code which is provided on the page. Then click on the Button to check BISP Payment.

How do I check if I am included in the BISP program?

You can send your ID number to check your status. If you are not included, complete your survey to update your information.

What should I do if I haven’t received my BISP money yet?

If you are registered with BISP and haven’t received your money, visit your nearest registration center or wait for the mobile van to reach your area.

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The BISP mobile van service is a crucial step towards ensuring that disabled individuals receive the financial assistance they need without any hassle. By providing door-to-door registration and survey services, the government of Pakistan aims to support poor and deserving families effectively. Make sure you have all the necessary information ready and take advantage of this convenient service to secure your financial aid.

For more information and details, stay updated and follow the procedures mentioned above to ensure you continue receiving support from BISP.

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