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New car, motorcycle driving license fee in Punjab from July 2024

car motorcycle driving license fee: The Punjab government revised up the fees for all kinds of driving licenses across the province earlier this year.

The fee structure was revised by the administration after a gap of 20 years. It also jacked up the fees of learner license, car+motorcycle license and others. The government will not revised the fee for licenses in next fiscal year, starting from July 1, 2024, sources said.

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Learner License Fee from July 2024

The provincial government would keep the fee unchanged for issuance of learner driving license at Rs500 from next month, July 2024.

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car motorcycle driving license fee

پنجاب حکومت نے رواں سال کے شروع میں صوبے بھر میں تمام قسم کے ڈرائیونگ لائسنسوں کی فیسوں میں اضافہ کیا تھا۔

انتظامیہ نے 20 سال کے وقفے کے بعد فیس کے ڈھانچے پر نظر ثانی کی۔ اس نے لرنر لائسنس، کار + موٹر سائیکل لائسنس اور دیگر کی فیسوں میں بھی اضافہ کیا۔ ذرائع نے بتایا کہ حکومت 1 جولائی 2024 سے شروع ہونے والے اگلے مالی سال میں لائسنسوں کی فیس پر نظر ثانی نہیں کرے گی۔

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Motorcycle Driving License Fee in Punjab

Previously, the government received Rs550 fee for motorcycle driving license with five-year validity. However, it now charges Rs500 every year for the license.

Car, Jeep Driving License Fee Update

Before January 2024, the fee for car, jeep driving license stood at Rs950 for five-year driving license. Now, the government will receive Rs1,800 every year from the citizens.

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