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GOOD NEWS: E Bikes Will Also Distributed in Universities Students By CM Maryam Nawaz

E Bikes: In a ground-breaking initiative, the Punjab government has announced intentions to incorporate electric motorcycles (e-bikes) into its university student distribution scheme. This creative project, part of the Chief Minister Youth Initiative, aims to provide 20,000 e-bikes to degree college and university students across the province. Let’s look into this intriguing development in greater depth.

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E Bikes Initiative Scope:

E Bikes: The first phase of the Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif Youth Initiative is scheduled to provide 20,000 bikes to degree college and university students.

This allocation includes 19,000 petrol bikes and 1,000 electric bikes, providing students with a variety of transportation options.

Interest-Free Plans:

Both petrol and electric bikes are available on interest-free plans, with the Punjab government financing Rs 1 billion for interest-free bikes, reducing students’ financial burdens.

Application Deadline:

To take advantage of this opportunity, interested students must submit their applications until April 29 using the URL provided, ensuring that requests are processed on time.

Financing Limits:

The financing ceiling for electric bikes is Rs. 250,000, while that for fuel bikes is Rs 150,000.

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Students who choose motorcycles that surpass these rates must pay the additional cost upfront to the Bank of Punjab (BOP), ensuring financial transparency.

Selection of E Bikes:

Students are obliged to select bikes from the various options on the web portal, ensuring transparency and responsibility in the process.

The government has worked with several reputable motorcycle manufacturers, including Atlas Honda, Suzuki, and United Motorcycles, to produce models ranging from 70CC to 150CC.

E-bikes from firms such as Jolta and Metro are also available, meeting the growing demand for environmentally friendly mobility options.

Bike Type Financing Limit (Rs.) Available Models Petrol Bikes: Up to 150,000 Atlas Honda, Suzuki, United Motorcycles Electric Bicycles Up to 250,000 Jolta, Metro.E Bikes

These main features demonstrate the Punjab government’s dedication to improving the accessibility and cost of transportation for university students, boosting mobility and empowerment throughout the province.

Benefits of E-Bikes in Universities:


On college campuses, e-bikes provide a green mobility choice that lowers carbon emissions and protects the environment.


E-bikes are an affordable form of transportation for students, easing the financial burden of commuting, thanks to interest-free financing and government subsidies.

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Promotion of Innovation:

By including e-bikes in the program, the government encourages young people to adopt cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technology and pushes them to adopt sustainable habits.

Who can submit an application for the E-Bikes program?
Punjabi degree college and university students can apply, guaranteeing that students seeking higher education can get access to transportation support.

How do students go about applying to the scheme?
Before the deadline of April 29, students can apply using the given link, guaranteeing prompt application processing and a smooth transition into the program.

Does the cost of motorcycles have a cap?

In order to ensure affordability and openness in the selection of bikes, the financing limit for electric bikes is up to Rs. 250,000, and for petrol bikes, it is up to Rs. 150,000.

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Key Points

The Chief Minister Youth Initiative’s inclusion of electric bikes demonstrates Punjab’s dedication to giving college students environmentally friendly and easily accessible mobility options. In addition to supporting students’ academic endeavors, the government encourages environmental sustainability and innovation by providing a wide selection of bikes and e-bikes. The government’s commitment to empowering youngsters and promoting their general growth and well-being is demonstrated by this effort. Apply right now to take advantage of the chance to ride toward a better future.


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