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Breaking News: 11 Cities in Punjab to Get Free Public Wi-Fi: Boosting IT and Knowledge:

Get Free Public Wi-Fi: Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has stated that Lahore Silk will provide free internet access in public locations, starting in some towns. The program is being implemented on a huge scale, with plans to expand it to over 500 strategic areas for large-scale Operation Squad Judgment.

The government has prioritized this high-profile program, which will initially feature ten venues offering free internet. The program also aims to expand the city’s IT and Knowledge Parks in Lahore, promote technology, and work with specialists to bring technology to Punjab.

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Get Free Public Wi-Fi Project In 11 cities:

The program’s goal is to promote IT and give free internet to young people, allowing them to access internet services in a variety of locations. This effort is supposed to bring about a revolution in Pakistan by offering internet connection to individuals who previously lacked it, ultimately improving the country’s technological infrastructure.Get Free Public Wi-Fi

Maryam Nawaz has pledged to provide free Wi-Fi in Punjab in 2024

Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz, has asked assistance in the development of 21 City Arafa Karim Panel 11 in Punjab, which would be implemented. Microsoft has expressed interest in IT City, and the opening of Lahore Knowledge Park and IT City will assure free internet access throughout Pakistan. The meeting time has yet to be announced.

Maryam Nawaz has promised the provision of free internet to anyone, particularly IT experts, in 11 locations. The program will be expanded across Pakistan, offering a better working environment for all users.

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The number of offices set up for free wifi in Lahore is yet to be confirmed

The program will begin with 11 offices in Punjab, Pakistan, and will gradually expand across Pakistan and Punjab. Supply will be secured at over 500 locations in Punjab, with attempts underway to bring it to Pakistan. The program will be gradually expanded, with a focus on providing free internet access in various cities and areas. The goal is to provide the Internet in locations where it is required, assuring its availability and accessibility to all.

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Get Free Public Wi-Fi: Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has launched the concept of free internet in Punjab, Pakistan. The program will begin in ten regions and eventually expand to all cities in Punjab. Nawaz convened a conference to examine the implementation process and the cities involved in the scheme.

The purpose is to provide free internet access to all citizens, hence fostering the growth of Pakistan’s IT sector. The plan intends to provide free internet throughout the country, beginning in Punjab and moving to other areas. The program is expected to be successful in Punjab, contributing to Pakistan’s IT sector growth.

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Which cities will receive free Wi-Fi first?

The program will begin in 11 cities across Punjab, with additional growth anticipated. Specific city names have not yet been established.

How will the free WiFi be accessed?

The access mechanism is currently being developed, however it will most likely include verifying your ID or phone number.

What are the program’s long-term goals?

The initiative intends to improve Punjab’s IT sector by offering free internet access to the general public, particularly young. This will help to close the digital divide and accelerate technological growth.

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