How to Fill BOP Form for the CM Roshan Gharana Program
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How to Fill BOP Form for the CM Roshan Gharana Program?

How to Fill BOP Form for the CM Roshan Gharana Program: The CM Roshan Gharana Program Solar Panel Scheme 2024, initiated by CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif, has officially started. This scheme is designed to provide solar panels to eligible households, offering numerous benefits including free installation of inverters and batteries worth two to three lakhs. To apply, you need to download and correctly fill out the BOP form. Here’s a detailed guide to help you through the process.

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How to Fill BOP Form for the CM Roshan Gharana Program

Before you start filling out the form, ensure you meet the following essential criteria:

  • Eligibility: Must be a resident of Punjab. Residents from other provinces are not eligible.
  • Income Support Program: You must be included in the Benazir Income Support Program.
  • Age Limit: Applicants should not be older than 65 years.
  • Electricity Meter: Your house must have an electricity meter.
  • Valid ID Card: A valid ID card is mandatory for application.
  • Electricity Bill Reference Number: This will be used for registration.

How to Fill BOP Form for the CM Roshan Gharana Program

Steps to Fill the BOP Form

  1. Download the Application Form
    • Click the provided download link to access the form.
  1. Personal Information
    • ID Card Number: Write one digit per box.
    • Marital Status: Indicate whether you are married or single.
    • Education Level: Specify your highest level of education.
    • Residential Status: State if you live in a rented house, flat, or own house.
  2. Address Details
    • Provide your current and permanent address. If they are the same, fill out both sections with the same details.
  3. Contact Information
    • Mobile Number: Ensure it matches your ID card registration.
    • Email Address: Provide a valid email address.
  4. Family Information
    • List the number of children and their details.
  5. Employment Information
    • Job Details: If employed, provide the name of your company, designation, and whether it’s a permanent or contract basis job.
    • Salary Information: State if you receive your salary via cash, check, or bank transfer. Provide your bank account details if applicable.
  6. Business Information
    • If you are a businessman, fill out the details related to your business income and electricity usage (if less than 100 units).
  7. Financial Information
    • Mention your net monthly income and other financial requirements.

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Submission of the Form

  • Once the form is filled out correctly, submit it to the Bank of Punjab.
  • Both male and female applicants from one family can apply for a solar panel.

Who is eligible for the CM Roshan Gharana Program?

Residents of Punjab who are part of the Benazir Income Support Program and have a valid ID card and electricity meter in their house.

Can residents from other provinces apply?

No, only residents of Punjab are eligible to apply.

This program offers a significant opportunity to benefit from solar energy solutions, reducing electricity costs and promoting sustainable energy use. Ensure you follow the instructions carefully to avoid rejection and take full advantage of this initiative.

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The CM Roshan Gharana Program Solar Panel Scheme 2024, launched by CM Maryam Nawaz Sahiba, is a remarkable initiative aimed at providing sustainable energy solutions to eligible households in Punjab. By following the detailed steps outlined above, you can successfully complete and submit your application form to the Bank of Punjab. Ensure you meet all eligibility criteria and provide accurate information to avoid any delays or rejections. This program not only supports renewable energy use but also helps in reducing electricity costs, making it a beneficial opportunity for many families. Take the necessary steps now to be part of this transformative scheme and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

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