July Survey Beneficiaries
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Good News: July Survey Beneficiaries Enroll In August And September

July Survey Beneficiaries: This latest Update is for all the BISP Beneficiaries who have just completed their Survey in June because the new enrollment for the Next quarterly Payment will begin soon in August. The Data of all Beneficiaries will be analyzed and finalized in August and September, from which only eligible women will registered in the Survey.

July Survey Beneficiaries Enroll In August And September

In his last Online Session with the Bisp Beneficiaries, DG Naveed Akbar announced to all the people who are registering for the Benazir Income Support Program that the Beneficaiy who have completed their survey in June will be Registered in the Benazir Kafaalat Program in August and September. Therefore they should not worry even if they have not received the message from “8171” on their Phone.

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The Final list of BISP Beneficiaries according to the new year Budget will be released in September when the next quarterly payment will arrive and all the Beneficiaries will receive the message at their registered number.

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July Survey Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries Not Receiving Messages From “8171”

Many people have registered in the Benazir Kafalat program but have not received a message yet, these types of people are not excluded from the program but due to some technical issue, there is a delay in the message, even more, their status to the BISP team is showing them eligible for the program.

Therefore they should not worry about this further, and if they tackle any kind of issue and problem then they are free to call the BISP Helpline or visit the nearest tehsil center to discuss their issue.

In August New Registrations For Ineligible People Are Starting

The most recent data gathered from the BISP Portal indicates that many of the most recent registrations are scheduled to begin in August. As of right now, beneficiaries are receiving their payments from April to June; no new registrations are being made; instead, only beneficiaries who have updated their information or encountered a survey error are visiting the BISP Tehsil office.

In response, DG Naveed Akbar said that those who haven’t received their prior payment will get it in July. They should so update their survey by contacting the nearest BISP Tehsil office and verifying their CNIC for the most recent status update.

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BISP Dynamic Survey New Registration Process – Complete Guidance

Here is the complete guidance for BISP Dynamic Survey Registration at the Tehsil office:

  • Visit the BISP Tehsil Center located in your district.
  • Go to the registration counter at BISP Dynamic.
  • Turn in your CNIC card and your children’s B-Form to the employee behind that counter.
  • You will receive a token from the staff for the new or revised survey.
  • You must now verify the number you were provided and navigate to the registration section using that number. A data input operator will ask you for personal and financial details.
  • After completing the application form, you must proceed to that location to finish your thumb verification.
  • After that, 8171 will send you a message for verification.
  • The eligible households will get a confirmation email after additional processing, confirming their approval for the BISP 8171 program.

   Remember to carry the following document with you:

  1. Original CNIC card
  2. Children B Form \ Birth Certificate
  3. Your passport-size picture
  4. Utility \ Gas\Electricity Bills of your house

BISP Kafalat April To June 3rd Phase Starting From 3rd July

This is an update for all BISP beneficiaries who registered for the April to June payment but have not yet received it. BISP has announced the start date of BISP Phase Three, which will begin on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, in a different district, so their wait is now over.

All you need to do now is use your Identity Number to check your CNIC Online and find out the status of your payment. To obtain your full payment, if you received a message from 8171, you must go to the BISP Campsites in your district.


In conclusion, the recent update from DG Naveed Akbar brings good news for all BISP beneficiaries who completed their survey in June. The new enrollment for the Benazir Income Support Program will begin in August and September, ensuring that eligible women are registered and receive their due payments. While some beneficiaries may experience delays in receiving messages from “8171,” they are assured that their registration is still valid and can seek assistance from the BISP Helpline or the nearest tehsil center if needed.

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