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Breaking News; How to Apply for Kisan Card Online 2024:

The Punjab government has introduced the Kisan Card for farmers in an effort to expedite the distribution of government initiatives while maintaining openness and efficiency. The card may be easily registered throughout Punjab, allowing farmers to benefit from a variety of government projects. This approach is especially advantageous to farmers in Punjab, as it gives them the best chance to benefit from these policies.

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Online Registration for Kisan Cards 2024:

Punjabi farmers can apply for a Card through a digital platform designed by the Punjab Information Board. They must offer contact information, settlement specifics, land ownership patterns, irrigation systems, and mechanization features. More information can be obtained at the PITB portal.Kisan Card

Application process: How to File a Kisan Card Application

Farmers in Punjab who want the card should follow the steps mentioned below to apply:

  • Aspiring farmers must first create an HBL Connect account.
  • Farmers who have not yet enrolled should contact Agriculture Department officials to finalize their registration.
  • After registering, apply for the card.
  • You can conveniently apply for the Card at any HBL Konnect outlet. Simply go to the nearest vendor, pay Rs. 500, and open a biometric mobile account.
  • If you meet the eligibility conditions, your card should arrive at the Agriculture Office in 15 to 20 days.
  • After completing your verification, you will be able to receive your card.

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  • The free monthly ATM cash withdrawal limit is PKR 30,000.
  • Free Cash Deposit (Agent Channel)
  • Free Cash Withdrawal Biometric (Agent Channel)
  • POS limit per day: PKR 1,000.


The Punjab Government’s Nawaz Sharif Kisan Card initiative is a key step toward empowering farmers and boosting the province’s agricultural industry, with government incentives reaching small farmers and delivering practical results.

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What is the Kisan Card, and how might it help farmers?

This Card is a government project that aims to provide farmers in Punjab with simple access to multiple government schemes while also improving transparency and effectiveness of scheme distribution.

How do farmers apply for this Card online?

Farmers can register on the Punjab Information Board (PITB) site, create an HBL Connect account, and enter contact information, land ownership, and irrigation systems. Following registration, customers can apply for the card via the PITB portal.

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