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PM Laptop Scheme 2024: How to Check Online Your Application Status:

The PM Laptop Scheme 2024 Application Status can be checked online by following the instructions outlined by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Students who applied for the initiative can now get their computers from their universities.

To check eligibility, click the “Check Eligibility” button, enter your name, city, university, and national ID number, and then click the filter button. You will be notified of your status promptly. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif introduced the initiative, which is currently accessible for students to purchase from their universities.

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Qualifications for the PM Laptop Scheme 2024:

The PM Laptop Scheme is available to students who have previously applied but were unsuccessful. Students who attend a college or institution recognized by the HEC are eligible to apply. Students in the first or second year of a four-year BS or BSc degree may apply. A National ID card or B-form is necessary.

Students with a passing mark of 60% or above who have completed the first year of a two-year Master’s degree, as well as those pursuing a PhD, MS, or MPhil, are eligible to apply.PM Laptop Scheme 2024

PM Laptop Scheme Plan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, has announced the resumption of the Prime Minister Youth Program’s laptop program. The initiative will supply one laptop set to each male and female student, allowing them to work and study online.

The program’s goal is to help students complete their education more efficiently while also preparing them to work online. Students can submit applications online until June 20, 2024.

Universities That Qualify for the PM Laptop Program:

The Prime Minister Laptop Scheme allows students at recognized universities and colleges to purchase one lakh computers, with qualifying conditions based on the HEC’s list of approved institutions. The website features a list of qualifying universities.

Students Not Eligible for PM Laptop Program:

The program excludes private sector university students, laptop beneficiaries, Azad Jammu and Kashmir residents or foreign nationals, students who do not satisfy the standards, do not apply online, lack full documentation, and graduate before the laptops are distributed.

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The Laptop Scheme 2024 Online Application Process

Students who have not yet enrolled for the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2024 can do so using the linked link, and a video with more information can be viewed.

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