Maryam Nawaz Punjab Livestock Card Scheme Offering
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Good News: How to Apply for Maryam Nawaz Punjab Livestock Card Scheme Offering Interest-Free Loans to Farmers

Maryam Nawaz Punjab Livestock Card Scheme Offering: Maryam Nawaz started the Punjab Livestock Card Scheme, which provides farmers a no-interest credit of Rs 2.5 lakh for animal feed. It plans to enhance Punjab’s agricultural sector and secure farmers’ economic autonomy. The Chief Minister highlighted the need for a simple loan application process and aims at promoting the dairy industry in South Punjab..

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Scheme Details
Punjab Livestock Card Scheme Rs 2.5 lakh interest-free loans for feed
Launch 40,000 farmers benefit initially
Eligibility Citizens, and residents of Punjab with CNIC
Repayment 90 days

The initial stage affects 40,000 farmers.

The inaugural round of the Punjab Livestock Card Scheme will benefit 40,000 farms. Once the online enrollment approach begins, men and women alike can apply for this kind of insurance. The campaign is gender-neutral, allowing any able farmers to participate. The farmer who engages with this initiative will get funding to manage their cattle well.

Rs 2.5 lakh Financing for Agriculture

The Punjab Livestock Card Scheme has the goal to offer resources to farmers who cannot pay for pricey animal feed. By offering a loan of Rs 2.5 lakh, the plan aids farmers in growing their animal companies. The financing will be due in convenient stages, making it easier to manage for farmers. The idea is

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Lending Limit and Extra Advantages

The initiative enables farmers to borrow up to Rs 2.5 lakh to purchase critical goods like as wanda (animal feed), silage, and mineral mixtures. Growers have 90 days to repay their loans. The Punjab’s Animal Card Scheme also contains an “Animal Identity The Traceability System,” which aids in the effective care of animals. Farms will benefit from free animal tagging, the act of ins and silage inspections for quality.

پنجاب لائیو سٹاک کارڈ سکیم کے افتتاحی دور سے 40,000 فارمز مستفید ہوں گے۔ آن لائن اندراج کا طریقہ شروع ہونے کے بعد، مرد اور عورتیں یکساں طور پر اس قسم کی بیمہ کے لیے درخواست دے سکتے ہیں۔ مہم صنفی طور پر غیر جانبدار ہے، کسی بھی قابل کسان کو اس میں حصہ لینے کی اجازت دیتی ہے۔ جو کسان اس پہل میں شامل ہوتا ہے اسے اپنے مویشیوں کو اچھی طرح سے سنبھالنے کے لیے فنڈ ملے گا۔

Maryam Nawaz Punjab Livestock Card Scheme Offering Details

Punjab Livestock Card Scheme Overview:

  • Candidate requirements: Pakistani nationals or long-term residents of Punjab.
  • Must wear a valid CNIC card.
  • Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) members qualify for the no-interest loan.
  • Officially known as the Punjab Livestock Card Initiative 2024.
  • The initial phase plans to provide 40,000 farmers with a no-interest loan of Rs 2.5 lakh.
  • Repayable duration: 90 days.
  • Aims to improve farmers’ lives by providing financial resources for livestock business growth.

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Maryam Nawaz Punjab Livestock Card Scheme Offering


Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz created the Punjab Livestock Card Scheme. The scheme aims to improve horse nutrition and encourage farmers’ financial autonomy by providing interest-free loans. The initial stage will help 40,000 farmers, giving the same possibilities for men and women. It not only benefits individual farmers, but it also includes to the province’s economy as a whole.

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Which party would profit from the Punjab Livestock Card Scheme in 2024?

The proposal is accessible to all applying Punjab farmers, encompassing men and women.

What’s happening with the loan amount offered under the plan in 2024?

Landlords can get an interest-free loan of Rs 2.5 lakh to buy animal feed.

For how much time will farmers have to repay the loan in 2024?

Farmers have 90 days to return the loan amount.

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