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Big News! The Government of Pakistan Launched Mobile Utility Stores 2024:

Mobile Utility Stores: The Utility Stores Corporation was founded in July 1971 to combat poverty and inflation in Pakistan. These utility stores are currently operating around the country. They provide exceptional food discounts to Pakistan’s impoverished and deserving citizens.

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Over 4000 utility stores have been established throughout Pakistan to serve this function. Shahbaz Sharif, Pakistan’s recently elected prime minister, has announced the opening of the mobile utility retail unit.

Discount on items of Mobile Utility Stores

Mobile Utility Stores: To allow an increasing number of deserving persons to benefit from this initiative, the aid package has been expanded to a maximum of 5 billion rupees. All needed items at the Utility Stores Mobile Unit will be available at a reduced discount. At these utility stores, flour would be discounted by 77 rupees per kg and ghee by 100 rupees per kg. Additionally, the remaining inventory from other shops has been reduced by 30%.Mobile Utility Stores

Eligibility Criteria

The qualifications for receiving discounts on goods purchased from the Utility Stores Mobile Unit are similar to those for other government-funded initiatives in Pakistan.

  • The mobile units of these utility stores benefit persons with poverty levels below forty.
  • Customers earning less than 60,000 per month might profit from purchasing at utility companies’ mobile stores.
  • Mobile units are not available for purchase at utility stores if the buyer has been abroad or owns any valuable property.
  • Purchases from them are limited to persons whose records are already on file with the Utility
  • Store Corporation.

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Purpose of Mobile Utility Store

A innovative way to the distribution of items via mobile unit utility stores has been introduced. You no longer need to travel far because food will be brought to your community via utility stores and mobile units. Three permanent packages are being built as part of the Mobile Unit Utility Stores initiative. In addition to permanent venues, mobile unit trucks will provide affordable commodities to disadvantaged people in a variety of locales. Modern technologies will be employed to locate mobile unit trucks.

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