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Punjab’s Rs 12,000 Negahban Card: How to Apply and What is Eligibility Criteria:

The Punjab government, led by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, has inaugurated the Negahban Card initiative. This card will benefit Punjab citizens and be the largest of its kind, paying Rs 12,000 three times a year to 64 lakh worthy families. The program is distinct from other government projects and has been allotted a budget of 307 billion rupees over five years.

The eligibility requirements for the card are also specified. The program is intended to provide financial support to those in need, and further information is accessible in this page.

Eligibility Criteria For Getting Negahban Card:

The Punjab government is implementing a card scheme, which has sparked curiosity among residents over eligibility. The author will provide detailed information to help individuals establish their eligibility for the program. This will allow them to make informed decisions about their eligibility.

The Punjab government has launched a program for eligible Punjab residents, including those who have registered for the Benazir Income Support Program but have yet to receive financial assistance, those who have completed their registration for the Negahban Ramadan program and have received free rations, and those who are poor due to unstable financial conditions. The program also includes new families and individuals in poverty as a result of unpredictable financial conditions, who are given cards and a Negahban card. Negahban Card

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Benefits Of Card

Punjab Government Card Benefits

  • Every four months, disadvantaged families receive Rs 12,000 in financial help.
  • Allows withdrawals at any bank ATM.
  • Allows participation in other government programs.
  • Allows qualified households to get ration subsidies.
  • Provides the opportunity for loans from the job government.

Negahban Card Program and which documents required?

Depending on how you sign up for the Negahban Card Program, you will require the following documents:

Required Document: A valid National Identity Card (CNIC). This demonstrates who you are and is critical to qualifying for the program.

Door-to-Door Registration: If the team comes to your location to sign individuals up, you may simply need your CNIC. They will use this to determine whether or not you can join.

Complete Registration procedure: If you go through the entire register procedure, you may require more stuff:

The Family Registration Certificate (FRC) shows who is in your family.
Monthly Income Certificates: These show how much money your household earns per month.
Utility bills are similar to those for electricity and gas. They show where you live.

To register for the Negahban Card Program, visit the program’s website or local authorities for updates. Eligibility is based on a poverty level below 30%. Preparing the relevant documentation ensures participation and the possibility of receiving subsidized rations if qualified. Prepared materials can assist you in meeting the program’s eligibility requirements.

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How to Apply for the Negahban Card Program

The Negahban Punjab card program is a government effort that will open registration soon. The registration process has yet to begin, although information will be available on the government’s website. Those who have completed their registration under the Negahban Ration program do not need to re-register; instead, they can acquire their card straight through the government’s approved procedure.

The registration process will begin soon, and individuals who wish to apply should wait for additional information. Those who have already registered for the Negahban Ration program do not need to re-register.

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Key Points

In summary, the Punjab government’s Negahban Card Program distributes Rs 12,000 every four months to qualified families in the province. Residents can withdraw monies from any bank ATM and may be eligible for ration assistance. Eligibility involves being enrolled in specific programs or experiencing financial hardship. Keep track of registration details on the government’s website.


Who qualifies for the Negahban Card Program?

Eligible inhabitants include those registered in the Benazir Income Support Program, Negahban Ramadan participants, and low-income families.

Which documents are necessary to apply for the Negahban Card Program?

You will require a valid National Identity Card (CNIC), a Family Registration Certificate (FRC), Monthly Income Certificates, and utility bills.

How do I apply for the Negahban Card Program?

Keep checking the government’s website for updates on the registration procedure. If you have previously registered for the Negahban Ration program, you may not need to re-register.

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