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PM Laptop Scheme 2024 Explained: Can You Get a Free Laptop?

PM Laptop Scheme 2024: The government is preparing to open registration for the PM laptop initiative, leading many students to seek about eligibility. This article contains detailed information about eligibility, guidelines, and eligibility review.

Students can quickly determine their eligibility and, if they match the requirements, receive a free laptop from the government. The page is intended to help students understand their eligibility and apply for the laptop program. For further details, please see the provided article.

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PM Laptop Scheme 2024 and its features:

The Prime Minister Laptop Scheme is a Pakistani government initiative, launched under the Prime Minister’s supervision, that aims to distribute laptops to male and female students based on their educational qualifications, allowing them to continue their education in accordance with modern global standards. The initiative also seeks to eliminate poverty and encourage modern education.PM Laptop Scheme 2024

The project intends to eradicate poverty by providing students with laptop computers, allowing them to generate online work opportunities and thereby contribute to the government’s poverty-eradication efforts. This is likely to inspire curiosity among students.

Eligible Students Laptop Scheme 2024

Eligibility for the Scholarship Scheme:

  • Students enrolled in public-sector universities accredited by the HEC.
  • Students seeking Ph.D., MS, MPhil., or comparable 18-year degrees.
  • Students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs that last four or five years.
  • Students enrolled in MBA programs (3.5, 2.5, and 1.5 years).

Ineligible Students for Laptop Scheme

Laptop Scheme Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students without adequate educational information.
  • Non-permanent residents in Pakistan.
  • Convicted of any illegal offense.
  • Students receive laptops from the previous scheme phase.
  • Students are not submitting online applications.
  • Students at private higher education institutes.
  • At the time of laptop distribution, students were completing degree programs.
  • Students without the appropriate documents are likewise ineligible.

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How To Apply For PM Laptop Scheme 2024

Students interested in acquiring a laptop should apply through the Pakistani government’s unique site,, which is only available online, and should not use any other means.

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Pakistan’s government intends to open a laptop scheme registration soon, causing many students to ask about qualifying requirements. The article includes thorough information on qualifying requirements, allowing students to submit applications throughout the registration process.

Any modifications to the scheme will be accessible on the government’s website. Students can expect to learn more about the scheme’s perks and eligibility requirements.

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