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Breaking News! Now you can check your PMT score through the BISP Helpline number:

PMT score through the BISP Helpline number: The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) uses PMT (Proxy Means Test) findings to determine eligibility for financial aid programs such as Ehsaas Kafaalat. There are various ways for qualified citizens to check their PMT scores online. This broad guidance includes covers legal measures that may improve your chances of being accepted into the BISP program while decreasing your PMT score.

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Check your PMT score through the BISP Helpline number

PMT score through the BISP Helpline number: Use the BISP Helpline number to check your PMT score with this simple procedure. Call the BISP Helpline at 0800-26477. Tell the person to share your PMT score with you after he receives the call so you can update it if it is inaccurate.

PMT score through the BISP Helpline number

Check the PMT score from the utility store website

The following steps can be used to check your PMT score on the official website of the electronics store:

  • First visit the website of the nearest electronics store usc.org.pk.
  • A message will appear saying “Submit your PMT score”.
  • Press the button.
  • After this a window will appear showing your PMT score.

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Check your PMT score via the official website

To check your PMT score using Citizen Portal, follow these steps:

  • First download the app from Play Store.
  • Select the unwanted content option.
  • Add your CNIC and all your personal information.
  • Click the button to check your PMT score.
  • You will receive your PMT score within a month or usually within two to three weeks.
Method for Checking PMT Score Instructions
BISP Helpline Number Dial 0800-26477 and request PMT score
Utility Store Website Visit usc.org.pk, click “Check PMT Score”
Official Website Download Citizen Portal app, enter details, check PMT

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In Pakistan, the poverty survey used to calculate the PMT score is normally conducted every three to four years. To test families for PMT more regularly, BISP may initiate novel research programs. People should regularly check their PMT scores because they are liable to change as a result of the BISP and NADRA’s periodic revisions based on the most recent data.

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