Punjab Government Introduces E-Rozgaar Program
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Announcement: Punjab Government Introduces E-Rozgaar Program 2024

Punjab Government Introduces E-Rozgaar Program: Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of Punjab and Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) are proud to introduce e-Rojgar Program, an innovative program that trains young graduates in the province of Punjab in digital skills and freelancing.

Punjab Government Introduces E-Rozgaar Program

محکمہ امور نوجوانان اور کھیل، حکومت پنجاب اور پنجاب انفارمیشن ٹیکنالوجی بورڈ (PITB) ای روزگار پروگرام متعارف کرانے پر فخر محسوس کر رہے ہیں، یہ ایک جدید پروگرام ہے جو صوبہ پنجاب میں نوجوان گریجویٹس کو ڈیجیٹل مہارتوں اور فری لانسنگ کی تربیت دیتا ہے۔

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History of e- Rozgaar Program

On November 13, 2017, the Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab, and the Punjab government, working through the Punjab Information Technology Board (PTIB) and the Youth Affairs and Sports Department, established a lab at the institute.

Program Name E-Rozgaar Program
Announced By Punjab Government, Youth Affairs & Sports Department, PITB
Training Free three-month digital skills and freelance training
Website www.erozgaar.pitb.gov.pk
Courses Online shopping, Mobile Apps (UI/UX), Social Media Marketing
Goal Teach youth freelancing skills, generate online income
Funding Mostly funded by the Government of Punjab
History Established in 2017 by the University of Punjab and Punjab Govt.
Center Offers eleven certificate programs to students
Objective Provide self-employment opportunities through freelance work

Detail About Courses

Free three-month training on digital skills and freelance work is being offered by the e-Rozgaar Training Program. Visit www.erozgaar.pitb.gov.pk to apply now. The following courses are available on campus and virtually:

  • Online shopping
  • Development of Mobile Apps – UI/UX Design
  • Social media and digital marketing
  • Advertising & Content Marketing – Creative Designing

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The goal of the e-Rozgaar training program

The goal of the e-Job Training Program is to teach the youth how to freelance. This initiative, mostly funded by the Punjab government, helps youth generate a steady income online. One of the main goals of the project is to provide opportunities for Internet-based freelance work to youth as a means of self-employment.

Eleven Certificate Programs

With substantial funding from the Government of Punjab and its establishment history in 2017, the program operates centers that offer eleven certificate programs to students. Ultimately, the e-employment program aims to provide self-employment opportunities and contribute to the economic development of Punjab.

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Punjab Government Introduces E-Rozgaar Program

Key Points

In conclusion, the e-employment program launched by the Punjab Government in partnership with the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports and PITB, offers a valuable opportunity for young individuals. Through three months of free training in digital skills and freelancing, participants can acquire essential skills in areas such as online shopping, mobile application development and social media marketing. The program aims to encourage youth by teaching them freelancing skills and enabling them to generate income online.

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