Sites Setup for BISP 10500 Distribution
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Sites Setup for BISP 10500 Distribution in 12 Districts April 2024

Sites Setup for BISP 10500 Distribution: In a significant step towards socio-economic empowerment, the district administration, in association with the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), has established 12 distribution points for the unconditional cash transfer program. The initiative aims to provide registered women with Benazir Kafalat of Rs. 10,500 is to be provided in installments, thereby promoting financial inclusion and support in various regions. Let’s delve deeper into the details of this laudable endeavor.

ضلعی انتظامیہ اور بی آئی ایس پی کے زیرقیادت اس اقدام کا مقصد کمزور طبقات بالخصوص خواتین کو براہ راست نقد رقم کی منتقلی کے ذریعے مالی بوجھ کو کم کرنا ہے۔ یہ منتقلیاں ان کی اقتصادی ایجنسی کو بڑھانے اور خود کفالت کو فروغ دینے میں اہم ہیں۔ 12 اضلاع میں ڈسٹری بیوشن سائٹس کا سیٹ اپ مستحق مستفیدین تک رسائی کو یقینی بنانے اور ان تک رسائی کو یقینی بنانے کے لیے ٹھوس کوششوں کی نشاندہی کرتا ہے۔

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BISP 10500 Distribution in 12 Districts

The initiative run by the district administration and BISP aims to reduce the financial burden on the weaker sections, especially women, by providing them with direct cash transfers. This transfer is important in enhancing their economic agency and increasing self-reliance. The establishment of distribution points in 12 districts underscores the concerted effort to ensure accessibility and reach out to eligible beneficiaries.

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مزید پوچھ گچھ یا مدد کے لیے، براہ کرم متعلقہ ضلعی انتظامیہ سے رابطہ کریں یا بینظیر انکم سپورٹ پروگرام کی آفیشل ویب سائٹ دیکھیں۔ آئیے ایک روشن مستقبل کے لیے کمزور کمیونٹیز کو بااختیار بنانے اور ان کی ترقی جاری رکھیں۔

Sites Setup for BISP 10500 Distribution

BISP Administrative Arrangements

To ensure smooth functioning of the distribution process, the district administration has taken several administrative steps:

Deployment of Lady Police: Ensuring security and comfort for women beneficiaries.
Seating Arrangement: Dedicated spaces for women at the camp site.
Infrastructure setup: Installation of walk-through gates, rescue and fire fighting system, medical camp and sanitation system.

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Sites Setup for BISP 10500 Distribution

سماجی و اقتصادی بااختیار بنانے کی جانب ایک اہم پیش رفت میں، ضلعی انتظامیہ نے بے نظیر انکم سپورٹ پروگرام (BISP) کے ساتھ مل کر غیر مشروط کیش ٹرانسفر پروگرام کے لیے 12 ڈسٹری بیوشن سائٹس قائم کی ہیں۔ اس اقدام کا مقصد رجسٹرڈ خواتین کو بینظیر کفالت کی 10,500 روپے کی قسطیں فراہم کرنا ہے، اس طرح مختلف علاقوں میں مالی شمولیت اور مدد کو فروغ دینا ہے۔ آئیے اس قابلِ ستائش کوشش کی تفصیلات میں مزید گہرائی سے غور کریں۔

Benazir Kafaalat Distribution

  • Distribution Amount: Rs 10,500 per installment
  • Target Beneficiaries: Registered women under BISP
  • Administrative Support: Assistant commissioners appointed as focal persons

10500 BISP kafalat cash

10500 Benazir Kafalat Cash through 6 banks

Distribution Site Locations

The distribution sites have been strategically selected across various districts to ensure maximum outreach and convenience for beneficiaries. Here’s a breakdown of the allocated locations:

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District Distribution Site
Ghulam Muhammadabad Sports Complex
Sheikhupura Road Crescent Sports Complex
Dijkot Sahulat Bazaar
Ada Nadwala Chak 61-JB Ada Nadwala Bungalow
Jaranwala Municipal Committee Office and Municipal library near AC Office
Chak Jhumra Tehsil Sports Complex and Municipal Committee Office
Samundri Municipal Committee Office and Government Post Graduate College
Tandlianwala Old Sports Complex Building at Canal Road
Mamu Kanjan Bungalow/Rest House of Irrigation Department

Key Points

The establishment of distribution points in 12 districts reflects a concerted effort to provide financial support and empowerment to women across Pakistan. By streamlining administrative processes and ensuring accessibility, the initiative aims to promote inclusive growth and socio-economic development. Through such collaborative efforts, we pave the way for a more equal and prosperous society.

For further inquiries or assistance, please contact the concerned district administration or visit the official Benazir Income Support Program website. Let’s continue to empower and uplift vulnerable communities for a brighter future.

How you can Check BISP Balance online? April 2024


Can beneficiaries appoint representatives for collection?
Yes, beneficiaries can authorize representatives for collection on providing proper documents.

What is the payment of BISP?

10500 RS

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