Tehran takes cautious approach after Israeli attacks
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Breaking News: Tehran takes cautious approach after Israeli attacks, hints at no retaliation

Tehran takes cautious approach after Israeli attacks: TEHRAN – Iran shot down several Israeli drones over Isfahan on Friday amid regional tensions.

Explosions rocked a central Iranian city early this morning in what was said to be a suspected attack from Tel Aviv. Iran, however, took a cautious stance and indicated no plans to retaliate.

تہران – ایران نے علاقائی کشیدگی کے درمیان جمعہ کو اصفہان کے اوپر کئی اسرائیلی ڈرون مار گرائے۔ دھماکوں نے آج صبح ایک وسطی ایرانی شہر کو ہلا کر رکھ دیا جس کے بارے میں کہا جاتا ہے کہ یہ تل ابیب سے کیا گیا ایک مشتبہ حملہ تھا۔ تاہم ایران نے محتاط موقف اختیار کیا اور جوابی کارروائی کا کوئی ارادہ نہیں کیا۔

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Tehran takes cautious approach after Israeli attacks

International media reports said Tehran’s subdued response reflects ongoing efforts by diplomats who are working to de-escalate the current situation.

Iranian media said the explosions were caused by Tehran’s air defenses shooting down the drone near Isfahan. Iranian officials told the wire service that there were no retaliatory strikes against Israel.

According to reports, the exact origin of the incident has not been confirmed. We have not experienced any external attack, and the current discussion leans more towards infiltration rather than direct attack,” the official told the media.

Tehran takes cautious approach after Israeli attacks

Tehran takes cautious Latest News

Meanwhile, despite earlier statements indicating Iran’s intention to retaliate against Iran for the latest attacks, the first direct attack on Israel, Israeli forces or the government have not released any statement about the incident.

Amid the recent situation, the international community called on both sides to avoid further escalation.

Israel earlier warned of retaliation after Iran fired hundreds of missiles and drones at Israel nearly a week ago in response to the deadly strike.

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