UPS Solar Battery Latest Prices
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UPS Solar Battery Latest Prices in Pakistan 2024

UPS Solar Battery Latest Prices: As summer reached its peak in Pakistan, battery prices saw a change in demand as demand increased. People are looking to replace old batteries or buy new batteries to power their UPS or inverter systems.

Due to increasing power consumption, some cities are also experiencing an increase in power flow. Various types of batteries are available in the market, including lead-acid, lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium.

Lead-acid batteries remain the most popular due to their low cost, long life, and ability to handle high current loads.

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UPS Solar Battery Latest Prices in Pakistan 2024

UPS Solar Battery Latest Prices

Battery Brands in Pakistan

AGS, Exide, Osaka, Phoenix, Volta, Delkor, Daewoo, Crown, Tractor, Optima

Battery Rates in Pakistan 2024

If you’re looking to update your UPS or inverter system this summer, check complete guide to the latest battery prices.

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Volta Battery Rates

Model Capacity Price (PKR)
Volta 12GEN-MR35 20 Ah 7500
Volta CR65L+ 40 Ah 13100
Volta MF75L 50 Ah 14800
Volta MF80L 75 Ah 17500
Volta P-135 S PLATINUM PLUS 105 Ah 28500
Volta P-180 S PLATINUM PLUS 130 Ah 38000
Volta T-125 S PLATINUM 100 100 Ah
Volta P-270 S PLATINUM PLUS 200 Ah 57500
Volta P-225 S PLATINUM PLUS 175 Ah 47500
Volta P-250 S PLATINUM PLUS 180 Ah 50000

AGS Battery Rates

Model Capacity Price
AGS GR-46 30 Ah 9600
AGS GR-65 45 Ah 13400
AGS GR-87 60 Ah 15600
AGS MF-65L 45 Ah 15000
AGS HB-100R ce 80 Ah 20500
AGS HB-65 T1 45 Ah 14000
AGS SP-145 100 Ah 26500
AGS SP-180 120 Ah 31000
AGS SP-210 150 Ah 38000
AGS SP-250 175 Ah 43500

Exide Battery Rates

Model Capacity Price
EXIDE GL50-Plus 37 Ah 11000
EXIDE N65L 45 Ah 13100
EXIDE SOLAR-50 20 Ah 7000
EXIDE SOLAR-100 60 Ah 15600
EXIDE EX110R 85 Ah 21500
EXIDE HP150 95 Ah 26250
EXIDE N135 100 Ah 26500
EXIDE NS200 150 Ah 39750
EXIDE N220 170 Ah 43750
EXIDE NS250-Plus 200 Ah 53500

Osaka Battery Rates

Model Price
Osaka CR65L+ 40ah 12100
Osaka MF-100L 80ah 19000
Osaka MF110R 90ah 22000
Osaka T125-S 100ah 23000
Osaka P175-S 120ah 30000
Osaka P210-S 155ah 37000
Osaka P260-S 180ah 43000
Osaka P290-Z 215ah 52000

Phoenix Battery Rates

Model Capacity Price
Phoenix XP50+L 32 Ah 11300
Phoenix XP-60L 40 Ah 12000
Phoenix XP-75R 50 Ah 15200
Phoenix XP-95L 75 Ah 19700
Phoenix EXT-130 100 Ah 26000
Phoenix TX-1100 125 Ah 33000
Phoenix UGLT-200-SE 150 Ah 39000
Phoenix UGLT-255 200 Ah 52250
Phoenix UGLT-275 225 Ah 55000

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UPS Battery Rates in Pakistan

Above mentioned are UPS batteries to provide backup power during electrical outages. UPS batteries are designed to be reliable and provide a stable power supply to connected devices. You can charge these batteries to meet power requirements of different devices and systems.

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