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Verified And Screened: 8171 Payments Reserved For Token Holders!

Verified And Screened: Here are some exclusive updates regarding the BISP Payment for the Third Phase. Before the start of this phase, Naveed Akbar, the Director General of the Program, shared a comprehensive video in which he openly described how to receive your payments in a single day and stressed the importance of having them verified and screened when visiting the BISP Campsites.

In today’s post, you will learn some crucial prospects of Screening and verifying your CNIC at the BISP Campsite when you visit there to receive your 10500 Kafaalat Payment.

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Beneficiaries Should Verified And Screened At The Campsite:

One of the most important things to remember is that the Benazir Income Support Program is helping those people who are living their lives below the poverty line. Beneficaries who have registered in the program need to first Verify their identity as a beneficiary and complete the screening before issuing a token from the Campsite.

In his recent video message for the BISP Staff, Naveed Akbar strictly advised them to maintain discipline in the field and treat all the Beneficaries with respect as they are coming to receive their payments out of compulsion, therefore it is our responsibility to treat them in a good way and offer the full payment to them.

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Verified And Screened

How The Verification And Screening Will Be Done?

When the Beneficaries receive a message from 8171 for their Kafaalat Payment then it is mandatory for them to first verify their status by themselves and then visit the BISP Campsites on a day when the number of visitors is less.

The women will be required to provide the message they received from 8171 as soon as they arrive at the campsite. After they have completed the verification process, the CRM Present will conduct the screening to provide the beneficiary with a token. This is a crucial step in the payment process as, after you receive the token, all you need to do is wait in a designated area beneath the shed until your turn comes to take the money out of your account.

Tokens Will Be Issued To The Beneficiary

He stated in his video message that he believed the best approach to give tokens to the Beneficiaries was to avoid making them wait a long period to receive their money. As he was discussing some of the lessons from Phases 1 and 2, the staff’s largest error concerned giving tokens to Beneficiaries.

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The following list explains how tokens should be issued correctly:

  • It is not appropriate to give the token to every beneficiary who shows up in a single day.
  • Count the Beneficiary first, and then keep track of how many ladies can receive their payment on a particular day.
  • In light of that, you ought to distribute the tokens to a limited group of recipients.
  • For the remaining women, on the other hand, you can offer them a token for the following day. The staff will then have to prioritize the remaining women and give them their payment first when they arrive the following day.
  • They ought to allocate the Tokens to Beneficiaries in this manner.

The Most Recent Video By Naveed Akbar For The BISP Phase 3 Staff: Lessons From Phases I And II

Recently, BISP Staff members operating in all three Phases received a very stern and educational video message from Director General Naveed Akbar. He stated in his video message that Phase 3 of the BISP April to June Payment will begin on July 3rd and that during this phase, they must pay the beneficiaries following all SOPs and program policies.

He expressed his dejection at how many places policies are not being followed and how hard it is for the Beneficiaries to get their payments from the BISP Campsites.

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Ensuring payments for the Benazir Income Support Program’s third phase requires beneficiaries to be verified and screened at BISP Campsites. Following Director General Naveed Akbar’s guidelines, beneficiaries must present their 8171 messages and undergo a verification process to receive a token. This structured approach aims to streamline payments and provide a respectful, efficient experience for all beneficiaries.

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